We send out film to Oscar's Photo Lab in San Francisco every Thursday, and it comes back the following Friday afternoon. To ensure that your film makes it out in our shipment, please have it in the shop before 11am on Thursday. Payment is due for your processing upon pick-up. We try our best to call everyone as soon as your film arrives in the store, though feel free to call us to make sure it's in before you make a special trip. In this day and age, analog photographic processes are dependent on variables outside of human control so occasionally deliveries might be delayed a day or two, but we're confident you'll be happy with the quality!


Process Only B&W & C-41 (35mm & 120mm) - $6

Process Only E-6 (35mm & 120mm) - $7 

Process & Small Scans (1000pix short side, jpegs) - Color $16 / Black & White $17

Process & Large Scans (2000pix short side, jpegs) - Color $26 / Black & White $27

Color Process & Prints - 35mm/24exp...$14.40    35mm/36exp...$18.60

Black & White Process & Prints - 35mm/24exp...$17.80    35mm/36exp...23.20