Our repair technician comes in every Tuesday afternoon to pick-up and drop-off repairs. Please have all repairs in by 12pm on Tuesdays to ensure that your repair goes out that week.  

CLEAN & CHECK (Film camera body & lens)-$40

*These are guidelines only. Please note that each order will get a custom quote

Important Things to Note:

• There is a $10 deposit on all repair orders, collected at time of drop-off. This deposit will go towards the repair total if your camera can be fixed, and in the case that it can't be, the deposit covers the cost of our technician's time.

• Repairs are a one week turn-around. If your camera needs a special part that needs to order, we will call and let you know of the longer turn-around time.

• If you have a camera or lens that is still under warranty, you will want to send it directly to the manufacturer to have it covered through your warranty. Our technician is not authorized to cover warranty repairs.

• We can provide rough estimates at the time of drop-off if the problem is one we are familiar with. If we cannot provide one at time of drop-off we will call you with an estimate from our technician after he has evaluated your repair.